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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  April 16, 2017 7:30am-8:01am EDT

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>> and a company will make some widgets. >> i may go out and buy it tomorrow. david: we all like safe stocks. that's it, and have a wonderful easter and passover weekend. keep watching, the number one business block continues knew with eric bolling and cashin' in. >> you look at what's happened over the last eight weeks and compare that really to what's happened over the last eight years, you'll see there's a tremendous difference, tremendous difference. eric: america dropping the mother of all bombs on isis in afghanistan, launching missile strikes on syria and our navy war ships are headed to north korea. and as president trump looks to increase military spending 54 billion bucks. will we need to raise more. lisa, richard fowler, and lisa, now, with all of the things going on. do we need more military
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spending to keep america safe on top of the additional $54 billion they're proposing? >> we might and i trust the advice of our military leaders that president trump has designated to lead our department of defense, like secretary mattis. look, we can always look ways to cut waste, fraud and eye busse more efficiently, but it shouldn't be at the expense of our soldiers or protecting our great country. we need to match the threat level. there are a lot of threats the country is facing with a big problem right now, is if you look at our military, the military preparedness is at a low. you look at the navy, the smallest fleet in 100 years. you look at the army, out of 58 combat brigade teams only three are ready for combat so that's a big problem. eric: and rachel, so we've been dealing with the sequester for quite a while and finally a military budget bumping up, $54 billion as we talk about. look how much things cost.
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syrian strike, tomahawk, 800,000 each. and the cost of this could approach $100 million. it's expensive to defend a country. >> it is, but that's the number one job of government, right? look, peace through strength, ronald reagan did that and reinvested in our military and lifted their morale and he had an arms race with russia that ended up bankrupting them, we won the cold war without having to fire a shot. i think it's a good investment, but i don't think that donald trump should give up on what i think is his sweet spot. remember that tweet he sent to boeing when they gave him that inflated price tag on air force one. he tweeted, i want you to make money, boeing, but not that much money. and i hope he has the pentagon take a look at costs because there's wasteful spending we need this money to be well and efficiently used, my dad was a
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military man who lived under the carter years and experienced how great it was to have ronald reagan come in and reinvest in the military. i think we're having a moment like that. the left hates funding the military because the military turns a lot of democrat minorities, my dad, a mexican-american who became a republican during the military because it's a culture of patriotism and discipline ap of course, merit-based promotion so i think there's a lot to it. i think there's a need for more investment in the military and i think trump's going to-- >> you point out the left. let's bring in richard. richard, we spent what could be $100 million in syria, but the mental was sent -- message was sent to the rest of the world. the moab that exploded in afghanistan, these are the things that send the message to the leaders like kim jong-un and kim jung-il in north korea,
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that says, hey, you don't want to mess with us. >> i don't think that kim jong-un or his father responded to the u.s. military response, without-- they're crazy, they're not going to respond to our launching weapons, they'll launch one themselves. and military, fraud, waste and abuse in the pentagon, as we continue to do the strikes, what we learned from the george w. bush era, the failed war in fgs an and failed war in iraq, we also need to focus on diplomacy. after we go into places like syria and afghanistan and drop the mother of all bombs, how do we go back in and make sure that we have stable governance there and that's where our diplomates have always-- >> hold on, guys, back up, richard. you're focusing on the syrian strikes and then this afghanistan bomb as targeted forwards syria and afghanistan. i'm going to take it one step further.
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i think these are inexpensive ways telling people people like north korea, stop playing around this could get ugly and expensive for both of us, what no one is talking about, iran has to be watching this and saying, this is a different type of leadership than we've seen over the last few years. >> but my point remains, right, while president trump is pumping up the pentagon to a ridiculous amount we're cutting the state department, cutting our diplomates, cutting our embassies, which is our olive branch to the world. when you cut those embassies and you cut our diplomatic support the only option left on the table is dropping bombs and killing innocent civilians. eric: sometimes, lisa, the only option is the deterrent option, you don't want to go up against a fleet of moab's coming at you. >> i get that-- >> hold on, richard, let someone else talk. when you're sitting down with president xi and president trump tells him that we bombed syria in response to the chemical weapons, that sends a strong message to china that
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president trump means what he's talking about in regards to north korea and you know what does send a message to north korea, china turning away those north korean coal ships because china is the biggest primary aid as well as trade dealer to north korea. so that does send a diplomatic message to north korea that china is meaning business as well because they recognize the fact that the united states is not playing around anymore. >> wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, i'm glad you brought up the china-north korea thing. there's a historical context. the last time we had a decent deal with korea, 1993, the sunshine policy where bill clinton worked with china's diplomates to create some sort of agreement that stopped or slowed down the progression of north korea getting a nuclear weapon. eric: richard, richard, but-- hold it, whoa, whoa, whoa. everyone can't go at once. let me bring this to rachel. rachel, i contend that the syrians attack and the bomb dropped in afghanistan had
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nothing to do with syria or afghanistan. everything to do with russia, china, iran, and north korea, am i wrong? >> no, you're absolutely right. and by the way, the attack in syria, the chemical attack in syria, the original one that obama let go because of the red line. people forget, because you know, richard is talking about diplomacy. that was bad diplomacy. barack obama was in bed with the iranians trying to make a secret deal and that's why he didn't cross the red line. he was in bed with the iranians. . eric: sure. >> that's nothing to do with the state department. that's bad diplomacy and hopefully donald trump will reverse that. >> if you cut the state department 28% reported to be in the donald trump budget, that means you're cutting our diplomates, cutting foreign aid, our ability-- >> there's lots of money in the state department directed towards climate change and things nothing to do with keeping us safe. and cutting programs that go to fund, programs in africa,
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development in africa, if we want to counter balance-- >> hold it, hold it, i literally lost control of this segment. i apologize, it's a hot topic and we promise to come back to it very, very soon. we've got to get to some other topics. coming up, the media leans left, but is rougher on the left? the former communications director for president obama and hillary clinton, but do the facts contradict this? facts contradict this? >> it's just a tougher metric dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer than and may have surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains. that's why i recommend polident. cleaner, fresher, brighter every day. hidden in every swing, every chip, and every putt, is data that can make the difference between winning and losing. the microsoft cloud helps
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people think i'm trash. but they're wrong. today i'm just an aluminum can. but one day, i could be a stadium.
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>> i think most journalists are probably leaning more to the left than the right. i definitely found a different standard in covering democrats than in covering republicans and not necessarily it's just a different metric that they apply to us, to democrats and i think they come after us harder
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on both being able to solve a problem or -- and then also on process entry. eric: wait, what? did i hear that right? it appears the former communications director for president obama and hillary clinton said the media is harder on democrats than republicans. is jen palmieri, they're easier on the left. >> the journalists i know don't have a political party, they'll tell you they're independent and fiercely independent. eric: do you believe that, richard. >> i do. eric: honestly believe that. there was a study is that said around 90% of donations by the media went to democrats. >> but when you say by the media, you're not talking-- like 90% could be the guy who is managing the camera, right? or so when you say. >> oh, please. >> the people who work in the
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media. eric: journalists. >> i agree with you, i think she's wrong and-- >> come on. >> in the same interview-- >> guys, let's do it this way. rachel, you go first. >> richard, in that same interview ari fleischer read quotes washingsing on how awesome barack obama's pecs are, et cetera. >> put the pecs aside. imagine the hubris of donald trump introducing a piece of legislation that takes up one-sixth of the economy and a website that can only sign up so many people in the fires week and carve out himself and his family out of that bill. i'm in obamacare, but none of the obama administration was. don't you think we'd know that story?
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nobody in that story knows that story and because of the liberal media. >> you're talking about it. the media covers the web and-- >> i don't know what's gotten him -- this if it's the weekend. >> let other people talk. i've worked for member of congress and lived this, rachel lived this with her husband. there is study after study that contradicts what you said and the hillary clinton campaign who refuses to accept that their campaign was abject failure. 90% of the coverage of donald trump was negative. there was a study under president obama not a single member of the white house press corps was a registered democrat. >> lisa. >> hold on, richard, let someone else talk. there's a span of 28 years, a study, if the press corps media
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were allowed to vote in in the election, the democrat would have won every time. >> spare me the alternative facts. donald trump is-- >> that's statistics, you were presenting alternative facts. eric: bring it back to center. now, richard, if you look at other cable networks, they lean very much away from donald trump. they're not big fans of donald trump. there are segment all anti-trump or throw some poor sucker who can't defend him or herself against four or five people. now, we have a similar situation where there's maybe three conservatives or two conservatives and a liberal, but the liberals are like you, richard, who are very capable, who are very able. you look at the other networks, you don't have that from the conservative viewpoint. there is a bias. >> like i said, i think jennifer was wrong in her statement. i don't think there's a media bias. the media spent more time talking about hillary clinton's
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e-mails. >> the left doesn't have the just the media, they have the popular culture as well and use both many them in our come bayings. >> this is not our fault. eric: and this is a vast majority of journalists who lean left or outright democrats and liberals and that's true in culture as well, tv, hollywood, et cetera. >> absolutely. eric: we've got to go though. president trump and attorney general jeff sessions promised a huge crackdown on illegal immigration and now, new numbers about illegal border crossings may be proving the crackdown is already working. >> this is a new era. this is the trump era. the lawlessness, the abdication of duty to encores the laws an
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with elizabeth prann. now back to eric bolling and cashin' in. eric: . >> from january to february of this year, illegal crossings dropped by 40%, which was an unprecedented drop. then last month we saw a 72% drop compared to the month before, month before the president was inaugurated. that's the lowest monthly figure in 17 years. eric: well, that was attorney general jeff sessions on the southern border this week touting big progress in the fight against illegal immigration. he says illegal border crossings are down 72% since president obama's last month in office. the trump administration must
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be doing something right, right? >> they are, and guess what? if you're interested in immigration reform or deal compassionately with those who are here illegally, but no crimes, get rid of the felons, deport them and we'll have something striking the fear in democrats, donald trump could be the one who bring about immigration reform. eric: some say that just donald trump what he's promised has the illegal borders crossings down 72%. >> i guess. jeff sessions, i don't think he takes our country backward and to be the secretary-- excuse me the attorney general, i'm done on that one. eric: he delivered a number. he delivered a number. 72%. we're not talking-- this is a massive border crossing slowdown. >> he's absolutely doing
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something right. we saw an increase up to the election and illegality at the border and unprecedented drop since president trump was elected. . eric: richard, we have 30 extra seconds for the liberal on the panel. >> like he needs it. >> listen, i could go on and on about jeff sessions. eric: no, stay on the border crossing. >> if donald trump wants to pass comprehensive immigration reform good luck getting through the freedom caucuses. >> hell will freeze over. >> not with the freedom caucus, he couldn't get affordable air act done. >> if you get rid of the felons and secure the border-- >> we've got to wrap. one more block coming up. don't go anywhere, say it isn't don't go anywhere, say it isn't so, one of my favorite tv shows
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>> i want to say thanks to our cashin' in crew for joining us. okay, time to wake up, america. for the last year homeland has been my favorite show and held nothing back, espionage, geopollics with uncanny accuracy at times it seemed it was filmed along real events like the paris attacks or the homeland at san bernardino. this year something changed. season six opened with a softer tone. claire danes, the show's main character, fought guys from isl islamabad. and now she's helping those with the islamophobia.
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what happened? the co-star mandy patinkin who plays sol, that season six is a way to quote, stop being a part of the problem, moving the focus from the bad guys of radical islam to the quote, white male membership of the u.s. intelligence community, to become part of the solution. wow! it's become a boring soft pc drama replaceable by hard hitting television shows was your goal, homeland, mission accomplished. as for my six-year investment of my show, i spoke for a lot of your audience, bring back the fighters, no matter where we must fight it made a huge hit. and ratings are in for homeland, the show dropped more than 8% from last year and lowest finale in ratings since season one.
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come on, homeland, it's 2017. trump is president. and america is back with a vengeance. get with the program, or you just might end up where hillary and the rest of the pc crowd >> i'm bob massi. for 32 years, i've been practicing law and living in las vegas. i help people with all sorts of real-estate problems, from trying to save their homes to closing major deals. eight years ago, 6,000 people a month moved here, looking for employment and affordable homes. little did anyone know that we would become ground zero for the american real-estate crisis. now, it's a different story. the american dream is back. we're gonna meet real people who faced the same problems as millions across america, and we'll dive deep into a city on the rebound because las vegas was a microcosm of america, and now vegas is back. [ woman vocalizing ]


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